Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday cake (part 2)

One of the most popular stories I have published on this blog has to be the one of Mark Mahal, who at the age of 14, was able to see John and Ringo on John's birthday. If you missed the story when, then click here and read it. Well Mark recently found out that I put his story on this blog and was gracious enough to send me two more photos he took that day! I am really excited to share these photos with everyone and I want to thank Mark for sending them to me.

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  1. When the Everson Museum gave Yoko to display her 'artwork' *cough cough*, obviously everyone there came to see John. Having found his painted Rolls in the parking garage was a bonus(of course many photos were taken)plus all the doors & the boot were unlocked!Seeing John was awesome,but then it got 'sweeter' when Ringo & Maureen arrived at the Hotel Syracuse for John's birthday. We got to see them quite a number of times while they were there.A great time was guaranteed for all :)