Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wrong guy!~

Taken from Beatlefan magazine Sept/Oct 1996 issue:
George Harrison showed up at Ravi Shankar's 78th birthday concert July 2 (1996) at London's Barbican, Simon Rogers reports. Harrison arrived on foot just after 7 p.m. casually dressed and still sporting a beard and ponytail. At first he denied to fans who he was, saying, "You got the wrong guy!" However, he did sign two autographs. He sat in the front row and left only briefly for the interval. HE greeted members of the Shankar family with the traditional Indian greeting and appeared to enjoy the night, apart from fans hassling him for autographs after the show (he departed via a side entrance). Shanker spent the summer in London working on his upcoming album that Harrison is producing. Angel Records says the album is due out next spring.

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  1. He is still cute to me even tho he is the "wrong guy" lolol (Nice try, George) *grins*