Sunday, April 25, 2010

U.K. newspaper

Bruno sent me this interesting newspaper article this weekend. Although the article itself isn't intact, the photos of Paul are very nice. Some of them I have seen (and posted here) and others are new to me. From what I can read in the article is that these two fans of Paul's, Christine and Michelle are upset because they think that Paul has changed from what they once knew of him. If anyone has ever read the book, All Our Loving, by Carolyn Mitchell, you will know that this is something that Paul fans said after near the time the Beatles broke up. That Paul had changed and became less friendly. In Carolyn's book she tells the story of how she went to Paul's home in Scotland and when Paul saw her, he actually hit her. She dropped all charges against Paul and was sort of shunned by Beatle fans for a short period of time. To get the complete story, you really need to read her book. But the point was how Paul was not the guy they once knew. Looking back at that time, it was obvious that Paul was going through a lot of stress and change in his life. I am sure announcing the break up of the Beatles and going solo was a stressful time. Add the fact that he needed to sue his old band mates, and couldn't have been a good time. Paul himself even said in the Wingspan documentary that during that time he was drinking and depressed. But the fans didn't realize all of that. They just knew that the guy they adored had changed for the worse.....

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