Monday, April 5, 2010

The oldest Beatles fan?

Look! He even has a Beatles haircut! Haha! Actually the story behind this photo is that there was a running joke that the Beatles copied their haircut from this elderly man who was popular around England in the '60's. The opportunity arose, thanks to Derek Taylor, for the five of them to be photographed before a show in Southport in 1963. I just thought it was funny. Then in 1996, this "new" photo of them came to surface and was given to the man's niece for her 90th birthday.
Courtesy of Facebook: Southport Yesteryear


  1. Can you tell how you acquired this photo and news story as they are mine!!! You do not have permission to use them. Please send me a message on facebook (Southport Yesteryear) as the Website "Fab4Southport" is down at the moment. Thank you! Rod.

  2. Rod,

    I am sorry if the posting of this wonderful upset you. I can remove it. I think someone sent me this newspaper article through email in 2010. I do not own a hard copy of it.

  3. Surely copyright belongs to the newspaper - or the family if it was contributed! I would like to know for sure, so I can use it for my publication 'The Beatles in Southport'.

    1. I do not even remember these comments from 2013, but you are correct -- the newspaper that reported the story would own the rights to the photograph.