Sunday, April 4, 2010

More of Paul in L.A. in 1968

What I think makes this blog especially cool is that people from all over the world who have met one or more of the Beatles are finding themselves and their friends in the photos I have been posting! With just a few exceptions, everyone who has contacted me has been so happy to see themselves on the blog and I know this blog has helped connect some long-lost Beatle friends who had been out of touch with each other. It is just so awesome!

One fan who found herself in a photograph that I had posted emailed me this weekend. I have been sick all weekend and just now got around to checking emails. (Whatever bug is going around is knocking me out!!). This fan didn't leave her name, but she did say that she met Paul when he came to L.A. in 1968 and has been looking for more photos from that time. She loves Paul in that red velvet jacket! (Who doesn't??? I am not even a "Paul girl" and I swoon over him in that jacket!). She sent me some photos of her with Paul that she had found. The first one is the one that had been posted but my copy was all messed up, so here is a new, "fixed" version.

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  1. HI! And thanks for the link to all of the pictures from June, 1968 that you have. I have those too, but always looking for more. Arline