Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Drooling over John again...

I have to ask Lizzie a question...if I had been one of the girls that hung around the Beatles homes and studios in the 1960's, would you all have called me "SaraJohn?" And if my mom (who is also a big Beatles fan but does not use the computer) had been able to have joined you back then, could she have been "CoralRingo"??

Here we have one of the most perfect photos of John that I have ever found. He just looks totally relaxed and gorgeous. It was 1975 and John was at the Helping Hands marathon at a radio station in Philadelphia. I have posted many photos from this event in the past, but this photo is new to me and it gorgeous!!!


  1. dear sara, we had suejohn, lindaringo and janet harrison, but as far as i can remember the rest of us had our regular names... i do agree that this is a fab photo of john and i also had never seen it - thanks for posting!

  2. This may seem random, but does anybody have a picture of John lounging on a white love-seat at Kenwood (or anywhere else)??!? It's a pretty famous chair, having been with him his whole career, in which he wrote a lot of his songs on. I've only seen one pic of him in Kenwood during the Pepper/Magical Mystery Tour years, and would love if someone has it if they could post it! Thanks

  3. kirby, you should try looking through the kenwood blog, maybe he has posted a photo there - i can't remember the photo or the white love-seat. good luck!