Tuesday, January 26, 2010

John's Germany press conference

A big thank you goes out to Ken Wood for all of the research he has been doing getting dates and things together for when John was in Germany making the movie , "How I won the War." In his research, he found this photo of John and Dick Lester taken at the press conference that was in Hamburg, Germany just before shooting for the film took place.


  1. Man, John sure loved that jacket. Seems like he's wearing it in the majority of offstage pictures from '66.

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  3. Hey Sara! I almost forgot about your solo Beatles blog, being so used to see you post at DBD - seems it is growing since I last visited it! Great photos and stories - nice atmosphere here too!
    Just one small correction - the caption for this photo should read:
    Holding a press conference for How I won the War at the Hotel Celler Hof, Celle, Germany.
    The photo was miscredited in the source I got it from.