Wednesday, January 13, 2010

George Tebbens' photo

I think this is a great John and Yoko photo from the late 1970's. It is a shot I don't believe I have seen before! It was taken by George Tebbens. Looks like a windy night in NYC....


  1. Sara, you have the best Beatles site in the internet, thanx for sharing.

    Pablo Farreras
    from Santiago del Estero - Argentina

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Pablo. They really do mean a lot to me. I enjoy working on this blog, but I often wonder if anyone else is enjoying it. I wouldn't call my blog the best. I am very partial to Tammy's Blog.

  3. hi sara! i have several of those photos taken by george tebbens. i met him and wonder what happened to him - do you know? i love your blog, but i must say tammy's is still my number one fave! all the best.

  4. I was a friend of George's in the early 80's when he lived in the Chicago area. I have been trying to locate him for years. Anyone have any clue where he is?

  5. hi padraigin, i will write my beatle e-mail list and see if anyone has heard from george.

  6. George is my cousin. He lives near, or in, Jackson, Miss. I know he visits his mom in chicago every once in a while. He would be thrilled to hear from old friends! Send a letter to him in care of:

    Wanda Tebbens
    3543 S Western BLVD.
    Chicago, il 60609

    1. I have a shot that looks very similar to this just another position that has the is address stamped on it as well as George tebbens photography to...

  7. I bought one of those at the New York Beatlefest in 1983. There were about six variations available.

  8. hi george! i will pass the address on to mutual friends who have wondered what happened to your cousin. i bought several of his photos and remember him as being a nice guy. please tell him lizzie says hi from rio de janeiro, thanks!

  9. I have one that looks to be from the same setz it actually has a George tebbens photography stamp on it with the same for mentioned Chicago address...