Monday, December 28, 2009

What is this?

Someone posted this on the Beatles livejournal photo blog (link is listed to the left). Anyone know when and where this photo was taken? It looks to me like it is from 1965 around the making of the Help! movie. I have no clue who the guy who isn't a Beatle might be. But I like this photo a lot.  (find the answer to my questions in the comments section)


  1. Stay far far far far far faaaar away from (or be extremely careful around) anything to do with Beatles on livejournal. Ick. It's a horrible place, it is. No?

    (I think I may have seen it in a magazine from the late 80's once. I can barely remember anything. I seem to recall, but I'm not sure, that a Mr. "Lander" was mentioned. Then again, I may just be slowly losing it. I'm sorry that I could not be more helpful.)

  2. anonymous has a good memory. they seem like they're at a hotel. regardless, this pic makes me want to hug John. a lot.

  3. Lucy I agree with you.
    I want to hug John too.

  4. A wonderful poster at the Beatles day by day photo forum that goes by the name talanca, said this:
    That photo was taken at the Avenida Palace Hotel in Barcelona, 3 July 1965.
    Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of that guy.

    Yeah the mystery is solved! And I will celebrate by giving John a big squeeze! LOL!

  5. Not Derek Taylor?

  6. Hi, I'm talanca from the "Day by day photo forum".
    That's not Derek Taylor.
    According to the NME that's a British journalist called Graham Webb who was also in Barcelona by that time and went to the hotel just for visiting them, which also explain why the photo is so unprofessional.
    Cheers, M.

    1. I'm a serious Spanish Beatles researcher. Could you tell me in which NME (issue, year) was confirmed that information? Thank you very much.