Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Lost Weekend....

I bought some fanzines from the mid-late 1970's on ebay that arrived today. They are really interesting to read and I really enjoy them (They are Magical Mystery Tour and PaperBack Writer for those who are interested in those things). It is amazing how Beatle fans keep up with the news and communicated with each other before the Internet age. I am old enough to remember those days, but I have gotten so used to getting my Beatles news online that I have forgotten how things used to be. Anyhow, these fanzines are a bit disappointing in means of fan photos and there aren't any stories, but I did enjoy these photos of John in 1973 at an L.A. bar. They were from the April-May 1977 issue of Magical Mystery Tour and the photo credit is given to Richard Creamer.

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