Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Pattie Boyd

Just a few more Pattie Boyd fan photos to share. I seem to have more fan photos of Pattie than any other former or current Beatle wife. Either Pattie was more willing to stop and pose for a photo for fans or fans were more interested in taking a photo of her (or maybe it is a mix of both things). I know that when I met her, she was extremely nice and kind. It was getting late in the evening and she was happy to pose for a couple of photos and sign my book. Several people were mad because she was charging money if you wanted additional items autographed. I only wanted one thing (my copy of her autobiography). I had purchased it prior to meeting her and brought it from home, so it didn't cost me anything. Some guy in front of me had an armload of stuff that he was going to sell on eBay. I don't blame her for charging actually.....

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