Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Give my Regards to Broadstreet

In 1984, Paul McCartney hit the streets of NYC, L.A. and London big time to promote his major motion picture called, Give my Regards to Broadstreet. Now any of you who have seen "Broadstreet" will know that it is the greatest piece of cinimotrography ever made. Okay, so it is a little lame. However Paul and Ringo are both in it (along with Linda and Barbara) and it has some good moments. Really Paul should have released this film straight to VHS or to a cable company instead of putting it out as a movie. But straight to video films were not common in 1984 (I don't even think my family owned a VCR yet).

But as Paul was heavy hitting to promote his movie, he didn't know what we know now. And during this time a lot of Paul fans got the chance to meet him. Besides getting to see him as he was going to do hundreds of interviews, there were also lots of contests held to meet him. If you see photos where Paul is wearing a black and white checkered shirt, know that is from fall of 1984 when he was promoting "Give my regards to Broadstreet"

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