Thursday, October 29, 2009

Elieen's story

I am sure you aren't reading this blog in the order that I am posting things, so everything is going to be backwards. Oh well. This is a continuation of what I just posted before this one. It is about Eileen, who I assume was the Beatle fan from New Jersey. She went to England and in June 1967 (I figure from the Lost Girl Tapes) with a friend. Here is what she had to say about meeting George , this article . These photos are the ones she and her friend took after taking the one of George and Klaus painting the house (see previous entry)

Not much of a story, really. It was 1967, I went to England on my own
and met up with a British fan who knew where they all lived, and one day
we did the pilgrimage to all their homes. Today we'd be
considered stalkers, but back then, there was no security around any of their

We'd been to George's house earlier in the day, rang
the bell, and his housekeeper answered, told us George and Patti were still
asleep, we should come back later.

So that's what we
did. We came to the driveway and there were George and Klaus, painting the
house. That's when I took the photo. We slowly approached, George
saw us, said a word or two to Klaus and graciously came to greet us. I
have no recollection of the conversation other than when I asked if I could
shake his hand. He let us take a few photos of him, excused himself to
return to his work and we left.

We'd done a lot of walking that
day, miles and miles, and our feet were killing us. After we met George,
my friend said to me, "Do your feet still hurt?" I wasn't feeling a thing, other
than my heart beating so hard I thought it would burst out of my

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