Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shea Stadium 1966

I think these fan photos of the guys at Shea in 1966 are just amazing. Sure they aren't the best photos in the world. Some of them are a little fuzzy. Some have police in the way. But the fact that someone who was a fan of the Beatles was able to get that close to the stage and snap those photos just makes them so neat to me. I love the professional photos of the Beatles on stage, but there is just something extra special about the snapshots taken by fans.


  1. the shea stadium concert was actually in 1965.

  2. The Beatles actually played Shea Stadium twice. Once in 1965 and again in 1966. These photos are from the 1966 performance.

  3. And if the person knew so much about the Beatles' 1965 performance, they should have seen that those are different suits.