Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ringo and a fan at Sunny Heights

If you are a regular viewer of the Kenwood blog, then you are recently seen these photos. They are of Ringo and a fan outside his home, which was called Sunny Heights in 1968. Many people today are unhappy with Ringo Starr because he no longer gives out autographs to those who ask for them. However, those of us who have followed Ringo's career since the beginning know that autographs has never been something Ringo has seemed to enjoy very much. Ringo very rarely came to the door of his home during the Beatles time to meet with fans and sign autographs. (that is why these photos are so awesome! I would love to know the story behind them!). Sometimes he would sign something and have his housekeeper deliver it to the fans that knocked on the door. I happen to know that during the All Starr Band tours, when fans would win backstage passes to meet Ringo, he had a "photos only no autographs" rule strictly in place. Not that Ringo wouldn't sign things, but I just think he did it because he felt like it was part of the job. And now Ring0 is at a point in his life where he doesn't feel like it is necessary to sign autographs, especially because he sees so many of them up on eBay. I personally would rather have a photograph of myself with Ringo than his signature if I had to choose. But anyhow...back to these photos. They are from an unhappy period in Ringo's life....1968. The year he quit the Beatles because he didn't feel like he was fitting in (and because Paul was playing drums on Back in the U.S.S.R). You can see unhappiness on his face in these pictures.

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