Monday, August 3, 2009

John Goes to John's

I first want to applogize for the crappy quality photo. It really isn't very good. Here is a story that I found in an issue of "The Write Thing" from 1976 that I got in the mail today (isn't ebay awesome?). I for one am not sure if I believe this really happened. The photo I posted is the one that went with the story, but due to the poor quality, how can you totally be sure that is even John? And the story itself just sounds like a dream and not something that would really happen, but then again I guess you just never know.....

John Goes to John’s
First published in the April/May 1976 Issue of “The
Write Thing”
By Jim Marazzo from St. Paul , Minnesota
One afternoon in my
beach house in Ventura, Calif. (in ’72) as I was writing a song, my
roommate ran up the stairs shouting John Lennon and Yoko were at John’s, a sea
side restaurant. We, like made (sic), dashed over there and found him and
Yoko playing pool. He was in good spirits at the time, cracking

Then people started asking him to play some songs, he said
he hadn’t any guitar. So somebody said he had one close by and he’d run
and get it. John said, “OK, lad, off with you.” He returned with is
guitar moments later, John took it and said, “I see a piano here someone play
with me.” I had a camera with me so I took a picture. About three
people, including my friend Charlie (the one at the piano in the picture),
dashed forward for the piano, and Charlie got there first. Little did John
know that there happened to be two people there who knew EVERY chord to every
Beatles and post-Beatle song (me & Charlie). Well here we were in
Calif. Two struggling musicians influenced greatly by the masters:
Lennon and McCartney (Beethoven & Chopin, etc)…

Standing and
playing piano with John Lennon. Lennon shouted out “Revolution, key of
A.” With acoustic guitar he did the first guitar lick and where Paul
screams on the record Charlie took Paul’s part. Lennon and Yoko did an
about face in amazement and looked stunned. During the song he’d yell to
Charlie, “really rockin’ Lad.” It made me feel really good to hear
that. Charlie knew all the chords. They played songs like, “Give
peace a chance,” “Roll over Beethoven,” “In my life,” “Woman is the
Nigger of the World,” “Luck of the Irish,” “New York City,” and

When it was all over he went out, us along with
him. He said I wish we could have had some electric guitars, it would have
been a gas. We said ya. As we just stood there looking at each other
in silence for awhile, he said, “well, bye Lads, bye.” We felt like
saying, take us with you. But the dream was over. Fast……..

Edit: Isn't it interesting how things turn out? I was looking on ebay for some more photos to add to this blog and found a color version of the poor photo I just posted. The ebay color one isn't very good either, but I thought I would add it.


  1. yeah, it does sound an awful lot like a dream, one like I'd get.

  2. the link i'd originally seen this photo on says the accompanying story is DUBIOUS. I feel it's absolutely genuine! ANY true JohnandYoko fan can tell it's them. To here the unheard and unpublished stories of fans meeting John accompanied by photos is wonderful. They were rich and loved traveling and going places that "regular" people do how can you NOT love that? also to hear that they BOTH were friendly and quite approachable endears them even more!

  3. You know I now have the photograph in my possession and I do believe that it is John and Yoko. After doing a little more reading, I no longer have any reason to doubt the story at all. Where did you originally found the story that said it was dubious?