Thursday, August 6, 2009

George by Richard Avedon

This appears to be the original photo of......
This! Isn't that awesome? I wonder which photo was flipped....

Ok so this is not a fan photo whatsoever (although who is to say that Richard Avedon wasn't a Beatles fan?) but I thought it was just too cool not to post. And since this is my Beatles blog, I figure that I might as well post what I feel like now and then. :)


  1. it's not the same photo. when you flip it, you see that his head is tilted differently.

    But it's still AMAZING!!! Must be from that photoshoot!

    I wanna see the other 3!

  2. Strange, the first image is not an Avedon. I've seen the entire sitting - wrong format. Where did you find it?

  3. Hello!
    I'm a bealtes fan for such along time, well i think it's a family inheritance ...
    My mother always listened to the beatles and their songs were my "lullaby" in my childwood ... till now ... eheheh (i'm almost 28)

    I'm amazed by this Avedon poster's i've read many information about it ... but could you advise me were can i find real information about it...
    caus I've seen these prints being selled for $79 till .... $1.000 ....

    thank you
    I love your site

    Rui from Portugal