Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cathy Sarver?

So this name of "Cathy Sarver" keeps popping up when I am hunting down Beatles fan photos. I decided to do a little detective work and see what I could find out. First of all I found this wonderful photo of Ms. Sarver with Ringo! And you can see that Ringo is wearing his 1966 U.S. tour jacket! I love it.

From what I can tell, Cathy Sarver was an Apple Scuff in the late 1960's. She is from the United States and spent time hanging around the studios and such waiting around for the Beatles to show up. These days she is living back in the States and is still a Beatles fan. She goes to various conventions and shows off her extensive Beatles photo collection! (DROOL!!!) and autographs and speaks. Once she even spoke along side with Leslie (remember her of the lost girl tapes?).

So Cathy Sarver, if you are reading this blog I want to say that I would love to hear any and all of your stories and see any of your photos. I am insanely jealous of you but it is in a good way!


  1. I have alerted her to this blog post ;-)

  2. I hope she does mind me posting her photos without her permission. *Gulp*

    1. You probably should have received her permission. After all, they were her artistic property. But she’s probably not concerned of her pix in a blog, due to the limited exposure. (just my personal opinion.)

    2. This post is from 2009 -- the year I started this blog. Since then I have talked to her and she was fine with me sharing this photo.

    3. Oh, I’m glad. I wasn’t scolding, just thought I should say something. A few years ago my friend repeated something someone had written. (This was in California.) It sure seemed innocent enough, but he was approached by an attorney. He waited to see what would happen, but nothing came of it.