Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Paul Beatle era photos found on ebay

These three Paul photos were availabe for auction on ebay in July 2009. The last one I have posted before as a small photo with a group of others, so it is nice now to have it larger. The top two are bad quality so I hope to find them larger and better one of these days. But as I always say.....a bad quality Beatles photo is better than no Beatles photo at all!


  1. I may be wrong but regarding the last photo of Paul signing with ciggie in mouth is he wearing the black stage jacket from the Budokan concerts from '66 ? - This photo looks to be mid '67. Again I may be wrong - Ringo had a habit of wearing the stage jackets from '66 during the pepper sessions as I recall too

  2. Good observation! I am pretty sure this photo is from 1967. But that jacket does look like the one the guys wore in Japan and in the U.S. during 1966. He might have just been wearing the jacket again....