Friday, June 12, 2009

Little Girl TapesPart1

Behind all of the shrubbery- a glimpse of Paul's house

Once through the gate, Paul's reall close!

Paul remains on his couch/swing as he talks to Leslie

Paul reads a book by fellow Beatle, John Lennon

Paul's sheepdog, Martha, takes it easy

Leslie (r) gets Paul's autograph

I believe this was taken at a different time that she met Paul....

What might possibablly my all time favorite fan meeting of the Beatles is "The Little Girl," Leslie Samuels and her friend, Donna Stark. For those of you who dont' have the "Little Girl Tapes" bootleg, let me fill you in on these girls. Leslie and Donna are Beatle-crazed teenagers from New York City. They have their own Beatles fan club and are obviously in the whole pen-pal Beatles network that was going on. They get accepted for a summer school program at Oxford, which they used just as a way to send the summer in England. They skip out on class and head out to meet John, Paul, George and Ringo. And the succeed in meeting all 4 Beatles! The bring with them tons of gifts and things to be autographed along with a cassette recorder. The "interviews" with Paul and George have surrived and are what makes up the Little Girl Tapes bootleg Cd. I actually have sat down with the Cd and tried to transcribe the whole thing if anyone is nerdy enough to want to read it.

But besides the tapes (which weren't originally meant for us to hear anyhow), Leslie wrote about her Beatles adventures for Teen DateBook magazine. I have a lousy copy of a few of the articles. I typed out what Leslie orignally wrote for you all to read. I am trying to get better photos than what I currently have. Does anyone know Leslie? Last I heard she was writing a book about her times in England. She seems like a really neat woman. At the age of 17 she tells Paul McCartney that he sticks his foot in his mouth too often (no offense)! How funny is that?

At Home with Paul
By Leslie Samuels, 17, American University Washington

Number 7 Cavendish Avenue St. John’s Wood, England is a
magical address – at least for me – because that’s where Paul McCartney

Well last summer I finally got to England, and almost
immediately a friend and I started off for St. John’s Wood.

Once there, we
nervously rang the bell on Paul’s gate and waited. About a minute passed
and then the gate was opened by Paul’s housekeeper, Mrs. Mills.

My name is Leslie Samuels. I am from New York and I have a fan club
at home, and I’d like to see Paul,” I said.
“Well he’s sleeping now.
Got in late from a recording session.”
“What time will he be out?”
4pm, I should imagine.”
We thanked her and told her we would wait (it was
about 1pm then). Some girls who lived in the area came around and we
started chatting with them. As we did so we noticed workmen going in
and out of Paul’s house.
“Oh…he’s having the electricity redone,” said one of
the girls.

My friend Donna and I looked at each other. How, we thought,
could Paul possibility sleep with all that racket going on? So we decided to do
something. We wrote a note telling Paul our story, and put it with
the flowers we had brought for him, and waited for a nice workman to come
“Hey would you deliver thee to Paul, please?” Said in our best
New Yorkese accent.
“I’ll do me best, luv.”
About 15 minutes later, the
gates open.
“He’ll see you now,” Mrs. Mills said.
Four lovely words!

followed Mrs. Mills through the garage where Paul keeps his black Aston Martin,
to the garden.
There was Paul sitting on a sort of couch-swing. He wore
white and red striped pants and red socks. No shirt, no shoes. He twisted
around curiously. I was almost overcome—I think I was shaking.
you’re the hysterical one,” jested Paul.
Martha, Paul’s large gray and white
sheepdog began barking and Paul told her to be quiet.
Donna and I sat down on
some canvas which was spread out on the grass and just started to chat with
Paul. After a few minutes it seemed like we all had been friends for a
long time. Paul was very hospitable and offered us Cokes
which were served by Jane Asher.

Donna and I were stroking Martha when Paul
asked “Did you see the kittens?” Of course we hadn’t and in one hop Paul
was up and into his house. He came out a moment later holding two small
bundles of fur and handed them to us. We joked with him –
could we borrow them for the summer because we missed our pets – but of course
we couldn’t.

After about an hour of conversation, Mrs. Mills
interrupted us, saying that Paul had a phone call. As all good things come to an
end, so did our afternoon with Master McCartney. We thanked him for
seeing us and then departed.


  1. How wonderful and kind of Paul and George . Beautiful interview a special treat the best interview ever !!!!!! all you need is love .

  2. just read these related stories and am in awe of how lovely Paul, Jane, George (my favorite)& Pattie were towards these girls - what an experience