Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This photo of Jane after the break-up with Paul is beautiful.

Alright I will admit it. I wish Jane would write a "tell all" book about her time with Paul and the Beatles. It doesn't even have to be a tell ALL...I would settle for a tell-most book. I don't need to read the details of sex with Paul McCartney. But just little stories about her time with him would be wonderful to read. I have read all of the ex-girlfriend books so far: Francie Schwartz, May Pang, Nancy Andrews, Cyn Lennon, Pattie Boyd.....Jane is the last hold out! Now most good Beatle fans say things like "oh I am glad Jane isn't writing a book. She wants to keep that part of her life private..." Oh whatever! You all know that if she wrote the book about her time with the Fab 4, those people who claim to be glad she isn't writing one would be the first ones to buy it! Ha!

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