Monday, June 22, 2009

David Keeler photos

Ringo at a charity race in 1993

Paul's Earth Day concert in 1993

Linda and Paul promoting Linda's vegetarian frozen meals in 1994

Paul at his Earth Day concert press conference in 1993

George at the Billboard awards in 1990 (I think)

Someone who follows this blog, David Keeler is not only a Beatles fan but a photographer. He kindly sent me some photos he personally took of George, Ringo and Paul in the 1990's. They are awesome!! Thanks so much David for sending these to me to share with the viewers of this blog. David asks that these photos not be posted elsewhere. So please respect his request. If you like these photos, then I encourage you to join my solo Beatles photo forum because these are the type of photos I love to post there!

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  1. george was in 1992,ringo was at the Jimmy Stewart race,DK