Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Christies auction

I want to thank Dr. Winston O'Boogie for sending me the link to this auction. For a very large sum of money you can purchase 800 Beatles fan photos!!! OMG!! I so wish I had the money to do this! Anyone want to go in with me? Oh if only I wasn't a poor school teacher! I would buy these photos and scan them for everyone to enjoy! The part of this that sort of ticks me of is the outrageous price. For thousands of dollars you do not get copyright to these photos, you just get the pictures. Now let me remind those of you who do not know, why there are so many Beatles fan photos floating around. In the 60's-80's there was were a lot of Beatles fans who were pen pals. And part of Beatle pen paling was trading photos with each other (I am not making this up...I am correct??). So let's say that Lizzie took a photo of John Lennon. She would then make copies of it to trade for a photo of Ringo and on and on and on it went. So that one photo of John that Lizzie took got copied and sent out to fans all over the world....for basically FREE! I am sure that all 800 photos in this auction are not the first photo but copies that were in a fan who was into pen palling in the days. So I personally believe this is overpriced, but that is just me. I also like to think that I am keeping up that Beatles pen pal tradition today with this blog and by trading photos online. The way we trade photos has changed, but the reasons and enjoyment behind it will always remain the same.

Anyhow....if you care to bid and share with me (hehe) is the auction url

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