Monday, May 18, 2009

Paul and the dogs

There seems to be a lot of fan photos out there of Paul and a dog. Most of the dog photos are Paul with his famous beloved sheep dog, Martha (my dear). But the last photo shows Paul holding a pup that is unknown to me. The photo of Paul and Martha in the grass on a sunny day goes with the photos I posted yesterday of Paul with 2 fans.


  1. The first photo shows me, Leslie Samuels (Healy) taken at Cavendish with MY Bearded Collie, Brian, not Martha the Old English Sheepdog. It was taken the day before Paul married Linda Eastman, back in 1970. The photographers were hanging around, I was just walking my dog on my favorite walk... now you know who the dog is, and me too! Leslie aka BeatleTripper Healy

  2. eddie is the yorkshire terrier in the last photo. he was so cute! the girl on the third photo is a german fan i used to know back then, if i'm not mistaken her name is inga.

  3. Wow! This is an old blog post. I started the blog in March 2009 and this is from May 2009. I have learned a lot since then (like the name of Paul's dogs). But I never did know that was Leslie and HER dog in the top photo. Thank you so much Leslie for letting us know. I saw that you are going to see Paul in Houston soon. Have fun!

  4. If it`s the day before the marriage make this 1969 (and the hair suggest so too) not 1970. Thanks for the info anyway!

  5. The black and white photo of a young lady and Paul, stooped down, playing with a black and white dog is actually me back in 1970, with my young Bearded Collie Brian. I just happened to be walking past Cavendish that afternoon, and press were waiting for someone (wonder who?) and when he came out, he stopped to chat and visit my dog. Sweet Memories.

    1. Do you know if Paul owns Beardies on his farm today?