Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pat Kinzer meets George in August 1969

Photo by Lynn Berr

Photo by Pat Simmons

Pat Kinzer was the president of the George Harrison Fan Club. You can read all about her stories of meeting George in her book Do you want to know a secret . It is an awesome book!! I have heard Pat speak at Beatlefest in the past and she has some great stories about George to share. One of the times she met George was in August 1969. This was during a time where it was possible to go to Kinfauns (where George and Patti) lived and ring the doorbell and actually have a decent chance of meeting George!

Here is a video of when Pat met George (very cool if you ask me!)
edit: I removed the video at the request of the fan who took this video, Pat Simmons. The film footage was very grainy and does not represent the true film. Thanks to Pat for contacting me about this.

And photographs from that same day. Very cool when you consider that this was right around the time of Abbey Road.

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