Sunday, March 22, 2009

1966 press conferences

Fans would often send their photos to teen magazines who would publish fan photos. This set is from the Memphis, TN press conference. There is no audio recording of the Memphis press conference and only one professional photo taken (and it is when the Beatles are sitting down for the conference), so these fan photos are really an awesome find!

For the NYC 1966 press conference, the Beatles did something really neat. Besides the regular press conference, they held a "Junior press conference" for their fans. Afterwards the Beatles said that the fans asked better questions than the press! From the little footage I have seen of the Jr. press conference, it seemed like the fans were well behaved and enjoyed the experience. The 4 photos above are from the Junior Press conference.

Photo of the Beatles individual intereviews after the LA "Revolver" press conference
The only Beatles thing that I obsess about more than press conferences is the 1966 North American Tour. I love anything and everything about that tour! So combine my love of the 1966 North American tour with my love of press conferences mixed with my love of fan photos....this is a wonderful post! Enjoy!

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