Monday, February 28, 2011

George signed another item for the fan club

I love all of the photos from Pat (president of the George Harrison fan club) and her friends took when they met George in 1969. George was really kind to take a few mintues and sign so many items for the fan club and the girls. Here is yet another shot from that day that is new to me. I wonder how many photos are out there....

Leaving Australia

Before the guys left Australia, they relaxed a little at the Sydney Airport and Paul had one more girl sit on his knee.

Check out my Beatles guitar!

So cute that this kid brought his Beatles guitar along when he met the Beatles.

Fan in 1965

I think these are awesome photos of two fans hanging out in a bedroom in 1965. I totally love how one of the girls is reading "In his own Write"

Flower photos

Several months ago, I posted some photos of Paul with flowers that was taken by a fan named Vicki, who passed away recently from cancer. Well Vicki's series of photos from that day have surfaced. What an exciting meeting with Paul McCartney!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Dolly Birds

I don't know who or what "dolly birds" officially are. But here are some photos I scanned from a book about when the Beatles toured Australia in 1964. The text says that the "dolly birds" came up to the Beatles hotel room and danced with them. At first I thought that they were just random girls. (dolls and bird both being slang for girl), but the way they worded it made them sound like an organized group or something. Regardless....these girls came up to the Beatles hotel room and.....danced! Huh??? I guess the the book didn't want to go into the other events that happened in the hotel room. John saved that information for his "Lennon Remembers" interview in the early 1970's.

Early stage riot

This is actually the earliest photos I have seen of fans trying to get on the stage during a Beatles concert. These were taken at a concert at the Astoria Ballroom,Oldham on February 12, 1963. "Beatlemania" offically didn't hit the U.K. until later in the year, but it seems to me that these girls caught a case of it a few months early....


Stephenmcg sent me this photo of a blonde headed girl sitting on John's lap. I have already posted one photograph with this girl in it. Does anyone know if she was a singer or someone famous? Or is she a fan?

Silly girl Linda!

Someone thought the other woman in this photo might be Linda's sister. But most people think she is a fan.

Early Beatles photo collector

If there had been the Internet in 1964, I think Geone would have had one of the best Beatles photo blogs out there! By the fall of 1964, she had collected over 8,000 photographs of the Fab 4. Just think how much her collection grew if she had kept it up until 1970?? Wow! As I have said before, Beatle photo collecting is nothing new. These days we use the computer to save and sort our photos....back then it was magazines and scissors. Thanks to Bruno for sending me this newspaper article from the September 4, 1964 Daily Express.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday Wishes for George....

So it isn't quite George's birthday here in my part of the world right now, but I am going to be super-busy tomorrow and will not have time to post this photo for George's special day.

Those Darn water marks!

So....who is the girl in the car with Ringo? I think it might be Nancy, but I am not sure.

Long haired George

This is my favorite George haircut over the years.....just sayin'

Cool photo...awful photo of it.

I know this is a small, bad photograph. Does anyone have this photo in better condition that they could send me? Does anyone have any insights on this photograph? The year? The event?

New York Press conference

The guys pose for yet another photo after the 1964 New York press conference. Notice the young photographer in the background is packing up and getting otu of there!

July 1969 at EMI

Here is another fan photo that is "new" (at least to me). The back of the photo says that it was taken at EMI July 1969.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kenwood 1966

John does his typical "standing outside of Kenwood" stance for a fan's camera. This is the earliest fan photo I have seen of John standing outside of Kenwood. According to the site that I found it, the photo was in a fan's scrapbook for many years and was written "1966" next to the photo. Interesting that John is wearing the "red and white striped shirt" that the guys all seemed to wear in the mid-1960's.

Rushing the stage

A post at Tammy/Greg's Beatles photo blog has inspired me to post these photos of people getting on the stage during the Beatles 1965 concert in San Francisco. All of these were taken during the Beatles evening concert. During the afternoon show, John had the hat that he had worn all during the 1965 American tour stolen right off his head during the show. It is amazing the none of the Beatles ever got seriously hurt with such a lack of security at most venues and such overly excited fans.

AHND extras

After I posted the color photo of John and two girls (who were supposedly fans according to BBM), I was quickly corrected and informed that the girls were Tina Williams and Susan Whitman, two of the girls who played school girls in A Hard Day's Night. (Somehow we only remember Pattie Boyd in that role, don't we?). Well Stephen McG sent along these photos of Ringo with the girls. Thanks Stephen!

Fancy is free, but are we, who are bound to each other by love

This one has to be my favorite because here you have the Bell Hop at the hotel totally blocking the view of Paul in the elevator and clueless to the fact that he is even in there! LOL

Here are a plethora of photos from Paul and Linda's honeymoon period in NYC. I hope you enjoy them!

Tom's amazing meeting with McCartney

August 14, 2010 is a day that Tom and his son are not soon to forget. On that day, Paul McCartney played to a packed crowd of fans at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And on that day Tom and his son had the good fortune to be called up on stage after the sound check that day by Paul McCartney. Here is the wonderful photo of that event! This shows Paul signing Tom's shirt. I am sure that I everyone here at this blog can't help but be a little jealous of Tom while being happy for him at the same time. Way to go Tom!!! by the way...this photo was posted with permission!!

Back at Cavendish...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sexy over the shoulder George

I have posted this one before, but it was smaller and had the word "photo' running across George's face. Nice to have a "clean" version.

Two unknown girls

For some reason I think one of you out there will rattle off to me who the two girls with the Beatles happen to be in this photo. But I do not recognize them.

Autograph seekers

Paul is mobbed by fans wanting him to autograph tour posters during his 1990 world tour.

Beatle hugs

I found this lovely story here. And all I could think of was when my mom hugged Tony Perkins because she saw an interview he did with Ringo and at the end Tony hugged Ringo. She has wanted a hug from Ringo Starr for 47 years and she figured that hugging the guy that hugged Ringo isn't too shabby! lol

In 1963 my British pen pal sent me, Olivia Anne Morris Fuchs, "Olivia Anne," a magazine and asked me to look at the boys she loved inside. When I first saw The Beatles in that photo I really saw only one, George, George Harrison. I have been devoted to George Harrison and his music and his interests ever since.

Not long after, I was fortunate to be the unpaid hostess for the promoter who brought so many rockers to my home town through much of the 60s, probably because I also was the President of the Beatles Fan Club. That also opened doors to rockers and the rock radio stations which wanted all the "official" Beatles news I regularly received from England.

So, when The Beatles announced that they were performing in Indianapolis, Indiana, just up the road from my home in Louisville, Kentucky, one of my first Beatle friends and I, with her parents since we were not old enough to drive, set about to make sure we got to the show and to meet The Beatles. I had all the expected press credentials, and a portable reel-to-reel recorder with a suction cup to allow anything I happened to capture to be transmitted over the telephone receiver back to the radio stations. But, the most important piece of "equipment" I had was the magical Bank Americard in my own name. That allowed me to book rooms in all the best hotels in Indy. We stayed in the Speedway Motel Tower with the Beatles one floor above us!

Before The Beatles and my George arrived, all of we fans were forced out into the parking lot to await their arrival. The long years since have stolen what I thought was so important I had to reenter the Tower to retrieve and risk missing the arrival of The Beatles, but I am glad it happened. Because after the security finally allowed me back inside, while I was waiting for the elevator, in came John, Paul, George and Ringo. I was alone in the elevator lobby with the Beatles!

They laughed easily, seemed so happy to be there, and were warm and chatty with me. Before they left to go to their room each of them gave me a hug, a real true, hug. I remember each as though it happened yesterday, the feel of their arms and their warmth, and how I wished it never would end. One of my Beatle Rock Chick friends who hugged Paul recently in Nashville is the only person I ever have been able to speak with about how their hugs feel, even now in my recollection.

Much of what happened afterward is a blur because when I went outside to be with my girlfriend, all of the screaming girls who had seen what happened grabbed at me, took my rings and watch and scared me until security came to my rescue. But, before I went inside one lovely fan gave me two precious photos–one of John pulling the turquoise jelly baby from his boot heel and the other of him handing it off to me!

Click on the link to read the rest of the story, including how she met Dhani Harrison many years later and got to tell him about when she met his dad in 1964

Fan Recalls 1964 Lennon Meeting in NY

I found this lovely story of a woman who met the Beatles in NYC when they first arrived in the States for the Sullivan Show. It is a really sweet story. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Before Beatlemania hit really hard, the guys played at smaller venues to non-screaming crowds. On April 4, 1963 they played at a school that appears from this photo to be all boys, in Stowe. After the show these well-dressed, seemingly polite young men calmly waiting to receive an autograph from each member of the band (I hope their mother's didn't throw those slips of paper away!). A VERY different scene than what the Beatles will begin to see in just a few months after this photo was taken.

Fuzzy George in concert

this photo comes from Gina amazing Beatles photo collection. This is one time where the printed date on the means something because it had to have been taken prior to September 1964. With that in mind, I would say that this photo was taken somewhere along the way during the Beatles 1964 North American tour. It is hard to say at what venue.